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MAPA was established in 1963 thank to the entrepreneurial spirit and flair of its ownner who decided to turn to account his experience in the construction of the car accessories.

Long years of relentless determination have carried the firm to very top of the market, where every day and across the world it rises to the challenge of the keen competions posed by Europe's leading manufactures. Work is rationally organised at the MAPA production plants with techniques tried and tested by years of manifacturing experience.

The company's philisophy is based in achieving the best possible quality-to-price ratio, a concept that is expressed today in all the production where the keenest attention is attached to the quality of the finish.

Nuova MAPA rapresents now a well-known reality for the main caravan producers. Our organising-structure is extremely dynamic and gives us the possibility to develop quicly each project, as well as to realise all the variants eventually required by the building firm. Thanks to the internal fittings we can produce dies for the pressing of plastic material and all the necessary equipment for the manifacture of aluminium and iron.

Nowadays more than ever, we can manage new articles created on customer's request: starting from the project to the delivery of the finished goods and all this in very short time. In our manifacturing department, that is provided with modern pieces of machinery and two welding-positions, we can also produce special carpentry.

Recently our firm has specialised itself in the manifacture of railings, luggage-racks and ladders; within these it is possible to choose among the large range of articles, the one that is more proper to the client requirements. We also have improved the production of manual and electric steps that can be furnisched with every possible fixing-system that the customer should require.

Finally, already since some years ago we are provided with an external department for the production of glass-fiber reinforced plastic particulars in order to offer an always larger range of products.

MAPA'S real success lies in work-force that consistently pursues a single objective:
customers satisfaction.